Laserfabrik Showlaser GmbH

We felt the need of exchanging our existing fountain and multimedia control system, allowing a more flexible and all-in-one control of effects (fountains, lasers, video, lighting) and of generally influencing show-parameters like speed of wind, surveillance of water level and monitoring of eventual failures. Our previous control system was based on a standard lighting console together with a huge variety of analog and automatic control circuits. The Depence solution now allows time code-based video and laser-show playback as well as full remote control of all functions. Even special requirements for an easy-to-access touchscreen solution to be used by entertainment park technicians and local engineers now is available. The great flexibility of assigning DMX addresses and adapting the Depence software package to existing setups is an advantage, which no other available software can provide!

Daniel Brune | managing director of laserfabrik showlaser GmbH