Katara Amphitheater water feature in Qatar

Katara Amphitheater water feature in Qatar

Watermaster using technology, developed & manufactured by Syncronorm to design & realize the astonishing fountain project inside the Katara Amphitheater, Qatar.

Already realized within three months, between September and December 2016, Watermaster managed to build a phenomenal fountain project in the heart of the Katara Amphitheater, in Doha, Qatar. By using Syncronorm’s fountain control & visualization software Depence, Watermaster was able to detailly plan & realize the fountain in accordance to their different partners and contributors. The through and through prestigious project has a size of approximate 440m² and was inspired by the idea of a flaming torch, which was commonly used as a symbol of harmony in ancient times. At a cost of around 2.1 Million US Dollar, the fountain at the Katara Amphitheater features an artistic culmination of light, water, fire and special effects, to illuminate this public space in the most special and unique way.

The fountains reach a height up to 10 meters, while water jets are illuminated, which offers a captivating show to the audience. Resembling a special highlight, the flame fountains provided by Oase Germany, are the heart and soul of the installation. Watermaster, founded in 1980, was able to design something unique and kept the fountain operational for about 400 days in a row. Special security measures were taken as the Amphitheater is a public area and the fountain is meant as an acknowledgement to the people of Qatar in the context of the national day festivities. For this reason Syncronorm's most reliable V:Nano 1024 "music" hardware unit was installed, granting a flawless show with maximum stability and performance.

Equipment used:

1x Depence Architect

1x V:Nano 1024 Music

41x Varionaut 400 Pump

11x Flame Fountain

8x Swivle

123x 16W underwater LED RGB light

22x 8m Vertical Nozzle

4x Line Array Speaker

3x DMX Line