Editorial | Live-environment fountain programming

Syncronorm GmbH are supporting multisenses by providing our fountain control system Depence to help establishing a vision of an innovative creative-center for accredited & upcoming water-show designers.

As a young & dynamic team, the german event designers multisenses are using Syncronorm’s extensive fountain control software Depence as well as our powerful hardware components for programming & controlling their multimedia-based water shows. While Syncronorm supplies the striving & highly motivated company, multisenses created an innovative creative-center within their headquarters located in Germany. We thereby fully support the idea of a forum, where show-designers are able to meet, exchange ideas and of course program shows & test various nozzles & fountain-traits in a live-environment. This physical fountain-installment, which is controlled via Syncronorm’s Depence, therefore forms a unique possibility to design & test show-elements for real, also regarding proper fountain-devices used in the industry around the globe. Simultaneously program a show and verify different outcomes interfered by real natural parameters such as wind & weather. Thereby you are able to test which kind of equipment fits your project best.

Syncronorm are gladly supporting such a potential project, as we not only successfully provide our products to those in market leadership but want to empower bright newcomers as well. Hereby we offer a wide range of versions concerning Depence as well as basic & efficient up to very high-end hardware units for our customers worldwide.