From Realizzer to Depence²

Dear Realizzer Customers,

During the last 6 months of releasing our new Depence² software the system is being very well received within the entertainment industry and we are developing lots of new relationships with professionals especially within the lighting community and working closely with them to enhance our system with even more new features constantly being added.

Therefore, we have decided to stop development on our Realizzer product and concentrate fully on making Depence² the best product to fulfil all our customers’ requirements.


What does this mean for you?

Realizzer will be officially discontinued in February 2020. Realizzer will not receive any further major updates but will be continued to be supported until the first part of 2022. New fixtures are available upon request but also the Fixture Builder within Realizzer will still allow you to create your own. Realizzer will no longer be available for purchase but still available to download from

Why is this happening?

Depence² has exceeded expectations and is a combination of Realizzer and our other product Depence 1 so instead of supporting multiple systems we made the decision to simply focus all of our attention to just the one to ensure we can deliver a quality multi-functional product.

Also with the ever expanding technology within our industry the need and necessity to add other technologies to your designs such as Water and Special Effects has become even more so. Depence² is a modular system so these features can easily be added to your designs.

What is next for me?

Realizzer customers will receive an exclusive offer with up to 70% discount to upgrade their current Realizzer licence to a comparable Depence² system. To benefit from this exciting upgrade, please contact us along with your contact details and your Realizzer Serial-Number.

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The entire team here at Syncronorm would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your past business with Realizzer and look forward to working with you all closely using Depence². Please visit our website or our Facebook page to see some of the exciting projects our clients are already creating with Depence² 


Will my Realizzer license still work?

Yes, even if you move to Depence² or not, your Realizzer license will still work.

Can I load Realizzer Projects in Depence²?

Yes. Depence² comes with a Realizzer Project Importer.

Do I need a dongle now?

Yes! Depence² licenses are secured by a USB Dongle.